Tracking food freshness

Smart packaging to track food quality and freshness between the different links in the supply chain

ColorSensing in a nutshell

What is colorsensing

ColorSensing is the solution to automatically and quantitatively measure different customizable parameters in a non-invasive way
Our solution consists of:
  • 1 Smart packaging
  • 2 Image reading and processing software
  • 3 Smart visual data
Track food along the chain allows us to monitor its quality and freshness


Protects consumers, reduces waste and ensures quality during shipping
  • Tracking at individual item level

    The individualized traceability of each package allows identifying and isolating defects without affecting the entire batch.

  • Cost reduction

    Affordable intelligent packaging to reduce fresh food waste ensuring higher quality.

  • Competitive differentiation

    ColorSensing, unlike other solutions, measures different parameters with a single label offering quantitative information and without alarming the consumer

  • Quality assurance

    Ensure the quality after packaging item by item and at each delivery point.

  • Process optimization

    Improvement of packaging process, transportation, materials, gases, etc. thanks to the added and comparative information of the readings.

  • Shelf life

    More accurate life studies based on data from each package under real conditions

  • Quantitative monitoring

    Detection of food spoiling on the supermarket shelf objectively using digital tools.

  • Dynamic expiration dates

    Dates that vary automatically depending on how the product evolves.

  • Dynamic pricing

    Automatic systems in supermarkets (instead of last-minute offers manually managed).

About us

ColorSensing is a spin-off from University of Barcelona
María E. Martín CEO Business
Dr. J. Daniel Prades CSO Physics, PhD Nanoscience
Peter Pfeiffer Head of engineering Chemical Engineering
Ismael Benito CTO Electronics Engineering


Do you have doubts? Do you want to know more? Write us and let’s talk
ColorSensing HQ Martí i Franquès 1, P2, Of.209. 08028 Barcelona
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