ColorSensing has developed an automatic color recognition method.

ColorSensing QR technology

Our patented algorithm designs ad-hoc color patterns for each specific application based on QR technology.

This pattern is recognized by any camera and our algorithm processes the images containing the pattern, obtaining reliable information about the “real” colors and returning depending on the application, either the color-corrected picture or quantitative information about the target color to measure.

Image color standardization

Standardized and reliable pictures regarding color information:

  • Medical imaging (dermatology, telemedicine)
  • Professional photography
  • Environmental color calibration for augmented reality

Color based sensing

Digitalization of colorimetry based sensors:

  • In Vitro Diagnostic (test strips, lateral flow, liquid) 
  • Color quality control
Scene to be captured + QR pattern
Reactive / Intelligent ink + QR pattern
Camera captures image
QR pattern detection
Image processing and color correction and/or quantification by our algorithms
Normalized image
Sensor output